She played a crucial role in the development and advancement of the life of the Leader of Economic Freedom Fighter Julius Malema. Many South Africans are not aware of the close knit relationship between Malema and his grandmother.

Malema who was awarded with BA. hon philosophy from UNISA did not hesitate to flaunt with his party men and numerous fans across the continent.

Most observers view him as a violent comrade who can be emotionally aggressive. But surprisingly Malema is the apple of his grandmother.

According to the octogenarian Julius is her world and peoples  impression of him contradicts the real Malema.

She further gushed that she had long been waiting for this day and when she received the news that her grandson will be receiving the degree she was moved to tears of eternal joy.

Malema had on several occasion revealed to the media that this woman means so much to him than many people actually know.

If you want to get something difficult from the comrade leader you may have to pass through this ever dotting grandmother.