One of the criminal trials against forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan was interrupted on Friday by an application for the magistrate to recuse herself because she is allegedly the aunt of President Jacob Zuma’s son, Edward Zuma.

Randburg Magistrate Ndivhuwo Sethusha denied the application, saying her relationship with Zuma was distant.

O’Sullivan has opened numerous cases against Edward Zuma over the years. Zuma has publicly stated he believes the investigator is a “foreign agent”, is an enemy to the country, and should be deported.

O’Sullivan and Melissa Naidu have been appearing in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on charges of kidnapping, fraud, and extortion.

They allegedly took Cora van der Merwe from her offices at law firm Ronald Bobroff & Partners Incorporated to obtain a statement about a leak of documents from the company.