Wife of Football legend Marks Maponyane have opened up about her relationship with a her SABC sports commentator, saying she have been sex starved for four years.

Details of the sex starved issue came up when his wife took an assault case to the police late last month. The former footballer did not like the news and became very angry to the extent of accusing a police officers of wanting to lock him up so they can sleep with his wife.

“I know you want to sleep with my wife, that is why you want me to sleep in the police cells all weekend.” says Maponyane

Midrand police station commander Leshoka Mahloromela confirmed receiving reports from his officers about the arrest of the former Chiefs player and also confirmed the statement above, of which the arresting officer denied, saying he only accused him so that he wont be arrested.

Shockingly, the wife also alleged to police that Maponyane had not touched her in bed in four years, claiming that all she has been receiving from him was constant abuse.

Maponyane’s wife told Sunday World that her husband lied to the police about the whole case so he could get bail.

“I never stood in his way and blocked him from leaving the house. We had an argument because I asked him why he was embarrassing himself out there. That’s because I have been receiving calls from one of his girlfriends asking me why am I still in this marriage because he has nothing to offer in bed. I only asked him why he was going around exposing our family secrets to his girlfriends, and he called me names and assaulted me with a coat hanger,” she said.

Source:- Sundayworld