The man who was filmed hitting a woman over the head with a spanner has been denied bail, Police Minister Fikile Mbalula announced on Monday.
This is after a video emerged on Facebook showing the man hitting a woman with a spanner nine times over her head at a highway petrol station in Pretoria on Saturday night. The woman is recovering in hospital.

The man, who is said to be a DJ from Tembisa, was arrested during the weekend and appeared in court today.

According to Mbalula, he (the suspect) was charged with attempted murder.

“We have charged him with attempted murder. What he did to that woman, all animals like him must learn the law will be merciless. That is an act of killing,” he said.

Mbalula expressed shock at the gruesome video.

“I nearly fainted when I saw that thing today. I just imagined the woman being my sister. It is very brutal.”

Mbalula said that the man being denied bail tied in well with their fight against abuse.

“Women are not soft targets of thugs. How do you beat a woman? He does not deserve to live among people. He is an animal and we will not compromise,” said Mbalula.

Thandeka Ndlovu‚ a sports technical producer at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)‚ took to social media to raise awareness on women abuse after a traumatic night that led to the hospitalisation of her friend.

“Enough is enough….First we were attacked at Slotjile in front of 5 to 6 bouncers then followed all the way to the garage ….One of our own.. . My friend has been assaulted for the longest of time and has kept quiet because she thought that things wud change or get better but this is what it got too…. She is now lying in a hospital bed‚” she wrote.