The mother of 17 years Shuaib Ismail has cried out that justice must prevail on her son’s case.

Suhaifa Amad made this complains at the Lenasia police station after Ngoako Ramafolo, Ismail’s friend filed the case.

“I just want justice for my son. I can’t focus on anything but my son’s health,” said Amad.

“He is supposed to start exams next week, but now all I want is for people to pay for what they did to my son. His leg is in a cast. Do you know how difficult it is for him to bath or what pain he is in? She said

Ismail and his friends were coming back from school in South Joburg when they where faced with a controversial confrontation by another group that was sitting in a car packed outside the school premises. One of them was asking Ismail why his eyes was fixed on them and he asked whether they should not be looked at. They advanced and one of them started shoving Ismail said Ngoako who witness the incident.

“They asked why he was looking at them and he asked whether they should not be looked at. The one guy started shoving my friend, and that is where it ended.” Ngoako said the boys drove off and one of them later came back this time he was accompanied by his brother who raised an attack on them around their home.

“When they came out of the car, the older brother started shouting and asked why we want to fight his brother. He then started punching and fighting me,” Ismail was shot while i was strugging with of them during the attack he said.

“He then shot my friend Shuaib, but I did not realise it at the time because I was fighting with one brother. While I was fighting, it turns out my friend’s mother was trying to fight off the other brother to try and stop him from shooting,”

The two brothers aged 17 and 18 who was released in bail were arrested for attempted murder and would want to open a counter-charges Investigations in the case affirmed captain Hector Netshivhodza a police representative.

“They have been released on bail. The brothers have also indicated they want to open counter-charges Investigations in the case are continuing,”Netshivhodza said.

“They came to our section and fired at our boys. If they want to open counter-charges, they can.”responded Ismail’s mother.