The Police day celebration has revealed some unknown facts to the people. Police generals stayed for three nights in luxury rooms at the Cascades Hotel in Sun City, racking up an accommodation bill of more than R121 000.

The long weekend stay at Sun City took place last weekend as part of National Police Day celebrations and the 2017 Excellence Awards, where Acting National Police Commissioner Lieutenant-General Khomotso Phahlane awarded and honoured outstanding members of the force.

Police said in the lead up to the events that they would celebrate January 27, National Police Day, because “on this day the leadership of the SAPS honours members and employees for their hard work and dedication in serving and protecting all in South Africa”.

The police spent the day in the Boitekong community handing over items to those in need.

In the evening the awards took place at the Sun City International Superbowl.

The generals also also took part in an organised golf clinic.

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