The devastating wreckage occasioned by the massive flooding in South Africa is continuing to advance through catastrophic dimension, as more projections have been marked out for a possible bust.

Department spokesperson Sputnik Ratua says due to the heavy rains in both areas in recent days they are expecting both dams to be full by Sunday.

The department says in order to avoid the dams from bursting, they will open two sluice gates at the Vaal Dam and eight at the Bloemhof Dam, which could result in flooding.

Residents of Douglas, where the Vaal and Orange rivers meet, have been told to be especially vigilant.

Ratau says they are doing all they can to ensure to mitigate damage to property and loss of life.

“We would be working together with the municipalities, other national government departments, like Cooperate governance and traditional affairs, and therefore through those we will be in contact with emergency services, the SAPS, the SANDF and all other spheres of national government.”

On Thursday, the Department said Vaal Dam levels had passed the 81% mark, the highest it’s been in two years.

The dam’s levels fell significantly last year due to the drought which gripped parts of South Africa.