Ceres man Christo Oncke who beat up and set ablaze a gay man who asked him for sex has been sentenced to 17 years imprisonment by the National Prosecuting Authority.

Judge Siraj Desai labelled the brutal murder of Dawid Olyne a hate crime, and asked that the file be kept open so as to find others who were part of the brutal attack on him, the NPA said in a statement.

Olyne was assaulted, strangled, tortured, tied up and set alight, after the heterosexual Christo Oncke took offense at being hit on by another man.

According to the NPA, it emerged during Oncke’s trial in Western Cape High Court that after he had attacked Olyne, he went and sang karaoke apparently unperturbed.

A psychiatrist report presented to Judge Desai found that Oncke had diminished mental capacity from which led to the judge deviating from the maximum 20 years sentence for the crime.

Although Oncke had six previous convictions before the murder of Olyne but none was violence.

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