South African Police Service is alerting all concerned citizens that five lions have been spotted after they have been on the loose for weeks.

The lions were spotted at Fochville, west of Johannesburg.

Police said big cat activity was noticed at watering holes.

Tracks and dung were found which was confirmed to be that of a lion.

“The Rural Safety coordinator in the Fochville area, Warrant officer Jan Esterhuysen and other concerned members were patrolling the area last night, 8th September 2017 when they heard a distress call on a farm next to the R54,” police said in a statement.

“They investigated and were surprised to see a pride of 5 lions in the farm, busy feeding. They were able to identify a large male and four smaller lions. Tracking at night was difficult. Nature conservation and other role players are converging on the area to assess the situation.”

It was initially thought that only one lion, a young male, was on the loose after it was sighted more than five weeks ago.

But four more cats were spotted on a farm.