A  father identified as Selwyn May dropped dead after being stabbed while trying to protect his son who was being attacked by a man carrying a pair of sheep shears.


It happened outside a bottle store in Roodepan, Kimberley. Residents of the community gather to their greatest surprise. May’s body was discovered on Saturday afternoon.


The 45 year old May was stabbed in the neck and was declared dead on the scene.


Eyewitnesses  said the suspect wanted in connection with this incident was recently released on parole and was seen carrying a pair of sheep shears shortly before May was stabbed.The Police are still searching for him.

Eddy May, Selwyn May’s father and his grandson, Alistair May, came looking for Selwyn May who was having an afternoon nap.


“Alistair was bleeding profusely after being stabbed in the arm when he became involved in an argument with the suspect. I do not know what the fight was about … he just ran past the house, screaming for help. I told my son (Selwyn) not to get involved but he did not listen to me and went with Alistair to confront the suspect.”


“Within a blink of an eye he was dead. Alistair kept on saying that his father was dead as he was being taken to hospital for treatment” Eddy said.


Dorothy du Plooy was grief-stricken when she saw the silver blanket that was used to cover her son’s body.


“I was playing bingo at the church when my family called me to the scene.


“I initially thought that it was my 96-year-old mother.


“His death was so unnecessary because he was always peaceful and loving and never fought with anyone. Why did he have to die?” she said.



Police spokesperson, Captain Olebogeng Tawana, said the Roodepan police were investigating a case of murder and attempted murder.


He indicated that the police were still searching for the suspect who fled the scene. The investigation continues.