Following a the train accident, ER24  spokesman Russel Meiring said paramedics from their companies‚ along with many other services‚ got to the scene and found out that the two trains had collided head-on.
The crash is said to have happened at the rail split towards Tembisa and Oakmoor stations

Meiring said that “Numerous occupants had already begun to climb out of the train and were now scattered around the scene. It was discovered that roughly 100 people had sustained minor to moderate injuries‚”

“On further inspection‚ paramedics discovered a body lying trapped inside the wreckage. Unfortunately‚ nothing more could be done and the patient was declared dead on the scene.”

He said rescue workers quickly set up a triage area to check patients and give out the most appropriate treatment.

“Paramedics treated the patients on scene and thereafter transported them to nearby facilities for further care. Emergency services are currently on scene and will be for some time due to the number of patients.”

The Emer-G-Med service‚ which is also on the scene‚ estimated the number of injured to be about 50.

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