The strange fall can not be said to be a farm murder. Although the  situation  is quite disturbing at the moment because of the sudden demise of the victim at the farm in such a gruesome fashion. A woman has been shot dead on a well-known safari and game farm in the Eastern Cape after a hunter fell while holding a firearm.

The incident happened at about 16:00 on Sunday on the Huntershill Safaris game farm just outside Queenstown.

“The hunter was on his way out, when his gun fell on the floor. A shot went off and a 34-year-old woman was hit. She died at the scene,” police spokesperson Namhla Mdleleni said.

The woman hasn’t been named yet.

 Police are investigating a case of murder.

The owner of the farm, Greg Harvey, hasn’t been available for comment.

President of Hunters SA, Gerhard Verdoorn, said if a firearm were to fall hard, a shot could go off.

“Even if the firearm’s safety catch is on, it can slide if the firearm were to fall hard, especially if it is a cheap firearm.”

He said hunters walking alone in the veld sometimes cocked their firearms without engaging the safety catch.

“But when people walk in a group or if there are people with the hunter, it’s best not to walk with a cocked gun. People sometimes forget they’re carrying a lethal weapon. If there is someone in the room, there is always the possibility of an accident.”