Many South Africans fail to understand the value of life while on the wheels. Drunk driving has resulted to many lose of lives and accident, yet people still drink and drive.

Some drivers don’t obey traffic lights, some over speed, some don’t even take time to fix or maintain their cars.

All these results to the increase in the rate of accidents we witness daily on South African roads.

Kagiso Nathi was a natural footballer. A rare genius in the field of play with outstanding talent. Nathi is being described as a fast as lightning and a magician with the ball.

Everyone agreed the boy’s dream of playing for Bafana Bafana could one day come true one day considering his awesome talent.

But yesterday, a drunk-overspeeding driver took his legs in a damning accident.

The  16-year-old Nathi is in hospital. Both his legs have been amputated.

According to his coach, Raymond Dladla (53), the boy from KwaThema, East of Joburg was on his way home from soccer practice when the drunk driver hit him while he was walking on the pavement.

Nathi was rushed to the Pholosong Hospital but the doctors decided the same day that his legs could not be saved. His legs were amputated at the knees.

“I was at home when I received a call telling me boy was involved in an accident.

“I rushed to the scene which is not far from my home and found him on the ground in pain, surrounded by people who were trying to help him.

“A car left the road and hit him on the pavement. I don’t know what the driver was thinking but it appears he was drunk,” said Dladla.

Dladla said they want justice, even though nothing can restore the boy’s dreams.

“It is so painful to see him like that. We want whoever did this to face the full force of the law.

“We don’t sleep at night thinking about him and the fact that he will never live his dream.

“All he wanted was to play soccer and he was very good at it. He told me one day that he will take over from Siphiwe Tshabalala at Chiefs and Bafana Bafana. Tshabalala is his role model and he love Kaizer Chiefs so much,” said Dladla.

Captain Thabo Sibue, police spokesman at the KwaThema cop shop, said so far only a case of reckless driving has been reported but the case could change after investigations were complete.

“Police are looking for the suspect, who apparently left the KwaThema area after the incident.

“There is no warrant of arrest yet but police would like the driver to come forward for questioning.”