A man and his wife had to jump from the second floor of their Hartbeespoort home to escape armed robbers on Tuesday afternoon.

Pumi Shange (26) and Blessing Hlope (30) were forced to make the jump off their balcony in Karel Street‚ Schoemansville‚ after armed robbers crashed through their downstairs kitchen door at about 1pm.

The police said the robbers broke down the door with rocks before storming the house.

The men‚ allegedly armed‚ then burst into Shange’s room where she was forced to jump off the balcony to get to safety.

She broke her leg in the fall.

Hlope told police that he heard the commotion and likewise made the decision to jump

Hlope said that the pair was able to get to the road despite Shange’s injury‚ where they were able to flag down neigbourhood watch.

Neighbourhood watch and police were on the scene shortly after one one suspect was arrested in possession of a riffle registered to a police officer.