Incensed and deeply frustrated by the increasing wave of rot in corporate governance as well as the crass ineptitude of the incumbent regime to run a transparent government of equality, equity and decency, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) is ready to embark on a nation-wide strike next week.

The nationwide  Strike  is intended to fight corruption, state capture and job losses. Cosatu’s general secretary, Bheki Ntshalintshali said the strike is to take place on 27 September.

This particular strike action will be a great departure from the past where the leaders of the country conceive such strike action to be business as usual.

‘We can not continue to sit back,fold out arms and allow these vices to derail the nation into irredeemable catastrophe’.

South Africans home and abroad must rise to the occasion to redeem our country from this dungeon because sovereign power resides with the majority of the people not the few selfish ones cascading the corridor of power to foist their detrimental influence in the country, it noted.

This particular nation-wide action is intended to send shock waves down the spines of all corrupt and complicit public officials and a notice to turn in their resignation or face justice.