The issue of racism is one problem our dear country seems not to be able to find a perfect way to deal with. No matter how rainbow we think SA is, we still get to face incidents of racism regularly.

Popular South African poet Ntsiki Mazwai has added her voice to the debate about the origin of coloured people in South Africa. Many are alleging that her comments are racially motivated.

She said that there’s no point in pretending as if white people didn’t rape black women back in the days. She said they were such rapists that they created an entire new race (the coloureds).

“We have a group called coloured who come from white men raping black women….so erm…about white people.”

Ntsiki criticised South Africa’s education system that seems to take away the “Africanness” of the black child. This happens when you are told you must speak English to be understood.

“I think education took the best part of me… Africanness.”

Taking to social media, she condemned the global dominance of “white culture” and went as far as suggesting that white people have a very “violent effect” on South Africa, She asserted that the entire ethnic group known in South Africa as coloureds is one of the results of white violence.

She said it was embarrassing when you see black men speaking broken English to try to impress when they can just speak their mother tongues and still look good.

Though she admitted that education took the most part her Africanness and resulted in her inability to be fluent in her mother tongue, she is proud of what she has become because even the best white schools in the country did not make her a slave to whiteness.

She said that the main problem with the education system in the country was its failure to teach the black child about their history and heroes.

“Teach the black child about her own heroes….because white heroes don’t mean shit to us…even white celebrities mean dololo to u.”

“Your white heroes are not my heroes….I have my own heroes,” she tweeted.