Yet another issue prevails which afflict youth across the world in schools, playgrounds and society at large. Abusive, aggressive domination and threatening behavior, sometimes verbal, emotional, sexual or physical, bullying has shockingly claimed the life of an innocent eleven year old school kid yesterday, 29 September.

It is understood that the boy, identified as Asad Khan, residing in Bradford, Tile Street, returned home from school complaining about being ‘picked on’ and bullied by other children after which he locked himself in his room, supposedly upset about the continuous oppression being experienced, day in and day out. As his mother called out to him unresponsively, possibly to discuss the matter further, she eventually found him in his room, gruesomely hanging. The incident reportedly occurred at around 16:20 after which fellow students and educators paid tribute to the school’s newest pupil. Asad had been a learner for just three weeks at Beckfoot Upper Heaton School.

Mr Wade states:

“The school is aware of speculation about the circumstances surrounding Asad’s death. In the first three weeks of his attendance, he made a great impression on all who met him”

We’ve heard about cyber bullying, prejudicial bullying, school bullying but this incident has taken the problem of bullying to a whole new level. Even after being addressed in many schools, it is clear that bullying besets our youth.

Apart from the disturbing effects of bullying, the fact that an eleven year old could contribute to the rate of deaths by suicide should alone raise concerns amongst parents. Has social media and modern technology become too accessible too soon? Are we, as parents, doing our best to protect our children from the negatives of Internet exposure?