When will South African men learn how to start protecting their women and children instead of killing and assaulting them for no just cause.

Weeks before her wedding, 38-year-old bride-to-be Natalie Grace, received threatening calls and WhatsApp messages which reads: “Cancel the wedding or die”

Grace ignored the messages and went ahead with her plans of getting married.

On August 18, the eve of her wedding day, Grace’s body was found in her car at KwaPata, in Pietermaritzburg.

Her friends released pictures of her fiancee assaulting her in a parking lot on broad day light.

The picture has gone viral on social media.

One of her friends told the the police that the Groom’s family was never in support of the marriage. Reasons best know to them. This caused a lot of fight between the couple indoor and outdoor.

Her family believe she had been strangled to death and police are investigating a case of murder.

Plessislaer police station spokesperson Captain Musa Ntombela, who confirmed the incident said they are investigating a case of murder and that no arrests have been made yet.

The fiancee is now on the run and is nowhere to be found.

According to her family, there was a belt around her neck, suggesting she had been strangled and her face was covered with her head scarf.

Her handbag and her wallet and cellphone were also missing.

Her car was seen by locals on the side of the road from around 2 pm that day but they did not realise that a body was in the vehicle.

Police and paramedics were called in and they declared Grace dead at the scene.