The fortuitous presence of the Zimbabwean first lady Mrs. Grace Mugabe and the continuing negative headlines that have been making the round in the past week over her egregious attack and bully of a South African beauty model has attracted the ire of Zimbabweans resident in South Africa.

The entire drama brought to the fore her lavish and ostentatious palatial residence in Sandhurst Suburb. However. Zim citizens who were never aware that she owned two posh and exquisite multi-million dollar houses in far away South Africa got to know as a result of the prolong police case, occasioned by series of independent investigation.

Also her indiscretion of arrogance and lack of remorse to the young model that she maliciously assaulted, which then saw her seeking for diplomatic immunity escalated her ordeal in the country, including her most recent comment that South Africans are ungrateful to for her, considering her immense contribution to the nation’s GDP, further infuriated her compatriots.

Many people are dumbfounded that Grace would conspire with her aged husband to bring Zimbabwean to it’s kneels and would go ahead to perpetuate and embezzle public funds, which she used to acquire such luxury properties in Sandhurst.

These disheartening mien and irresponsible actions culminated to the coming together of Concerned Citizens of Zimbabwe (CCZ) under the leadership of Dr, Micheal Gamba.

The activist who spoke to lamented the outright disregard and gross abuse of the peoples national patrimony. He narrated that the first step is to burn down the two houses or the properties be sold out and the money realised sent directly the ravaged, afflicted and starving families and ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe.

He called on well meaning Zimbabwean to join in the movement to ensure that these mansions are confiscated from the criminal family that have visited doom and have given the people a squalid and disgraceful lifestyle, while they and their offspring ride, swim and drown in sinister opulence and obscene extravagance.