Zimbabweans in South Africa have asserted a path of democratic recognition and inclusiveness in the political affairs of the rainbow nation. A group of Zimbabweans based in South Africa and affiliated to the #Tajamuka movement, marched to their embassy in Pretoria, demanding the right to vote in the next election.

Members of the South African Police, including the diplomatic units, were deployed to protect the embassy, the entrance of which was cordoned off with police tape.

The Tshwane metro police escorted the protesters as they marched from the Union Buildings to the embassy. “We demand free and fair elections, send that message to [President Robert] Mugabe,” chanted one protester at the entrance.

“We demand that Isaac [Zimbabwean ambassador Isaac Moyo] to come out and address us today. Not anyone else,” another protester said.

SAPS officers at Zim embassy entrance, which is cordoned off with police tape.