Years after the right was passed into law in South Africa, which saw the gay community breath a sigh of relieve with great enthusiasm. But right now  the same-sex right is hanging in the balance.

Exactly eleven years ago, the Civil Union Act came into force on 30 November 2006. Some religious  South Africans at that time expressed their reservations against the passage of the gay law.  However, a powerful pastor John Benjamin from Western Cape,

overseeing the New Episcopal Living Ministry has made a public national call to the lawmakers and concerned citizens, narrating  that with the deep spiritual insight he has accumulated from years of thorough religious investigation and research, same-sex union is an indictment of the human conscience and has started the campaign from lobbying nation’s legislators to review what he termed a mean law which is detrimental to spirituality.

The clergy has promised to give financial assistance of ordinary people who share his reasoning to end homosexuality in the land. Reiterating his readiness to the media, pastor John said financial and spiritual support must be devoted to restore decency and sanity to the world, beginning from the Rainbow nation.