A 9-year-old girl from Lesotho has testified in the Free State High Court about how she was raped by a Danish gun shop owner from Bloemfontein in whose house police found severed clitorises in a freezer.

Peter Frederiksen, who made headlines in September 2015 when nine clitorises were found in his townhouse in Langenhoven Park, pleaded not guilty to 58 charges on Monday.

The girl, who had been visiting at Frederiksen’s townhouse, testified in camera and through a translator in front of Judge Johann Daffue about sexual acts with the accused.

The State alleges that the girl was raped on several occasions and that Frederiksen had also made an entry titled “Paedophile pig” into his diary.

There are also allegedly pictures of her among the photos for which Frederiksen is facing 18 charges of manufacturing child pornography for and one of possession of child pornography.

Frederiksen, who is under strict security during the hearing, on Monday requested that his handcuffs be removed in court. His request was denied after it was placed on record that a cellphone SIM card had been found on him.

The trial within a trial continues on Tuesday with Warrant Officer Eben van Zyl from the Hawks testifying about what was seized in September and in follow-up raids.

It is expected to be about what had been found in the freezer in marked parcels along with the human tissue (clitorises).

According to DNA testing, it had come from different women.

The police also seized tranquilisers from the townhouse, some of which could be used on people and others meant for animals.

According to the charge sheet, police raided the townhouse after Frederiksen’s wife, Tshidi Molise, laid a charge of assault with Bainsvlei police in September 2015 after he had allegedly slapped her.

She also laid charges against him for allegedly piercing a hole in her clitoris without her permission while she was under the influence of alcohol.

Later, when she was drunk again, he cut her clitoris, the State alleges.

Frederiksen was taken into custody and held at the Grootvlei prison. There, he met the disabled and wheelchair-bound Mohlatsi Moqeti.

The State alleges Frederiksen and Moqeti conspired to murder Molise. Moqeti would have arranged the murder and Frederiksen would have provided the weapon.

Moqeti was released on bail.

According to the State, Moqeti allegedly arranged two hitmen in Lesotho and Molise was shot on October 20. She died the following day.

Moqeti was paid, the State says. He has now turned State witness against Frederiksen.

Frederiksen faces further charges of fraud and contravening the Firearms Act. He is accused of providing false information when he applied for a South African residency permit.

Frederiksen also allegedly paid a witness R2 000 to testify in his favour, according to the State.