The man had an open wound to the head, and his hands were also tied behind his back.

Police have arrested the boyfriend of a 19-year-old girl on a charge of murder after she was found strangled to death inside his home.

Cops were called to the shack in Delft Main Road, Delft South, on Sunday at 3.50pm.

Asive Sizani’s mother, Ntombizine Sizani, 37, said that her daughter had slept over at her 35-year-old boyfriend’s house on Saturday night and that she was called to the murder scene the next day.

“A friend came to tell me that she is dead,” she says.

“When her father and I arrived at the house, she was lying there with a blanket over her body. When the blanket was lifted a bit, her eyes were still open and she was looking in one direction. We don’t know what happened, we are feeling very bad and hurt.”

Asive was unemployed and has two younger siblings aged 15 and nine years old.

The boyfriend’s sister, who asked not to be identified, says her brother had been at the beach when the body was discovered.

He was nabbed when he came home.

“I wasn’t here when they found her body. When I arrived home, the police was here. My brother was at the beach at that time.”

A friend of the young couple, who also asked to remain anonymous, says he had helped her boyfriend shave his head before he left for the beach.

He says a relative of the man had found the body.

“He [the boyfriend] came to me the Sunday morning and we were shaving our hair when he said he had something to tell me,” explains the friend.

“While we were shaving the hair, the other friends came and said they were going to the beach. He went with them.

“The nephew who had been looking for a R100 note inside the hokkie (shack) found the body.”

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana, confirms: “Delft police were called to a scene in Delft Main Road where they found a body of 19-year-old woman in a shack at the back. A 35-year-old man was arrested and will face a charge of murder.”

Meanwhile, also on Sunday about 1.15pm, cops were called to Symphony Way, in Delft, where the body of an unidentified man was found in a bush.

The man had an open wound to the head, and his hands were also tied behind his back.

Police have asked anyone with information to call Delft SAPS or 10111.