Too much decay and rot in the country, after a school girl was brutally raped. The bodies of two women have been found near East London while a police dog unit was tracking a man who had just raped a schoolgirl.

The two partially decomposed bodies were found in bushes near NU6 in Mdantsane on Wednesday afternoon, police spokesperson Captain Mluleki Mbi said on Thursday.

“The two bodies that were discovered are apparently two young females. The circumstances surrounding their death are unknown and no positive identification has been possible at this stage.

“The matter is treated as a top priority and a full investigation is underway.” learnt that the bodies were decomposed, making the task of identification even more difficult.

Mbi said the schoolgirl, aged 14, was on her way home when she was attacked by a man.

“He raped her, and then she managed to get away.”

The girl told people what had happened and a police search was launched, with the dogs from the K9 unit brought in to help.

While the dogs and their handlers were tracking the rapist, they discovered the bodies.

The young schoolgirl was taken to a doctor and was being counselled.

The search for her attacker continues.

Eastern Cape Commissioner Lieutenant-General Liziwe Ntshinga pledged to increase efforts to protect women and children.

“We will do everything we possibly can to help make our women and children safe. I further call on parents and guardians to assist us and to be always aware of the whereabouts of children and teenagers.”

Ntshinga urged people to report a missing person as soon as possible, and to immediately follow up on any out of character behaviour.

“We need to stop this scourge of violence now. Each case of this nature will be investigated as a priority to ensure that perpetrators are arrested to face the full might of the law.”