Few moments before an alleged child killer was denied bail, evidence emerged in court that he dragged the child “like a doll” to a car, and blew smoke into her face as he was smoking Mandrax.

Peter van Tonder, 36, is accused of beating and burning to death his ex-girlfriend’s one-year-old daughter.

On Thursday, Van Tonder took the witness stand in a bid for bail at the Bellville Magistrate’s Court.

Prosecutors wants to prove that he attacked Asheeqah Scott on September 3 at his home in Delft, while babysitting her.

He broke up with the child’s 24-year-old mom, Shakira Scott, in June.

Asheeqah was rushed to Red Cross Children’s Hospital and declared brain dead a day later.

Van Tonder admitted he has cheated while with Shakira and that the other woman is currently pregnant with his baby, drawing jeers from the courtroom.

The public gallery was stunned when investigating officer, Captain Michael Thebus, delivered a graphic account of Asheeqah’s final moments.

He explained: “A witness said he was with the accused and that inside his Wendy house, the 15-month-old sat on the bed and the accused smacked her and he let her fall.

“That was the moment when the baby was unconscious. “He then beat the child repeatedly against the head and the witness said he and the accused left for the smokkelhuis (shebeen) and he dragged the child like a doll to the car.

“The child died of blood on the brain and there were 21 wounds. The accused also smoked Mandrax and blew it in the child’s face before he and the witness left for the smokkelhuis.”

Shakira was overcome with emotion hearing this account, and sobbed loudly.

Bail was denied and the case was postponed to December 6.

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