South African Police Service (SAPS) arrested a suspect believed to be the ringleader of a gang responsible for hijackings in Ekurhuleni.

The 50-year-old man was arrested in Springs Ekurhuleni for possession of suspected hijacked and stolen vehicles.

SAPS narrated that police and Tracker Unit were following up on information of a hijacked vehicle, and was led to a house where the hijacked vehicle was recovered.

“Police also discovered that the house was used as a chop-shop as other stripped cars and various car parts were found in the yard and inside the house.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the owner of the house also owns a ‘scrapyard’ in Springs. That is where the police found four more cars that were reported stolen in Ekurhuleni and other cars that had been tampered with.”

SAPS disclosed that the arrested suspect is expected to appear at Springs Magistrates Court soon.