The rate of crime in South Africa is gradually getting out of hand, especially the malicious assault and murder of South African Woman. We have seen several attacks on women recently. Some are raped, abused, trafficked, stabbed, murdered or set alight.

Another young lady has been murdered in cold blood by his boyfriend for ritual purposes.

Bandile Dikotsi allegedly murdered his lover in a bid to get rich.

Police raided his Bela-Bela home in Limpopo following a tip from his next door neighbor. Police reacted swiftly and caught him red-handed slaughtering his girlfriend into pieces.

His neighbor heard the woman shouting and calling for help during the act and he decided to alert the police.

Dikotsi made an open confession that he was following the instruction of a Sangoma man. He said the Sangoma priest told him to murder and bring the body parts of the person he love most for him to become rich.

He said they have been dating and struggling for three years and that he wanted to make life easier for himself by getting rich.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Kutlwano Dzingai said that ”A  31-year -old man has been arrested for the murder of his girlfriend.

”We are working on arresting the Sangoma man who gave those instructions to face the wrath of the Law.”

Dzinger warned locals to be consider certain thins before the go into a relationship.

The man will soon appear in court.