A furious and deadly mob residents have launched a fatal blow on Nigerian families living in South Africa. According to a Nigerian who watched as the carnage was carried out, stated his ordeal with trepidation.

“Can you imagine standing there and watching your property, your house burn down? Why don’t they want us here,” a Nigerian father said on Saturday.

His house was one of two that were burned down by angry residents on Saturday.

He had woken up to dozens of people banging outside their doors.

 The situation accelerated so fast that he made a snap decision to throw some of the children who lived in yard over the wall into a neighbour’s yard, just before a petrol bomb was thrown at his house.

“I tried to get back inside to get our passports but it was too late,” the distraught man said, looking at the blacked out remains of the house he had been renting.

“They were so angry; I had to hide my baby under the bed when I heard them coming. What are we supposed to do now? Where are we going to sleep tonight?” another resident of the house said.

There were 11 adults and 3 children living in the five bedroom house, he said, but everyone had escaped in time.