A 38-year-old Johannesburg metro police officer is in serious trouble after he ran over a pedestrian. This happened in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The Metro cop is alleged be drunk after empty bottles were found in his wrecked car and his breath smelled badly.

Metro police spokesman Wayne Minnaar said the incident occurred along the N1 north in Midrand.

“The pedestrian, name withheld  was along the freeway  when the [alleged] drunk driver (cop) lost control and slammed his car.”

Minnaar said two female family members of the driver (cop) who arrived on the scene were also arrested when they tried to remove the alcohol from his car.

The metro cop has been taken to the Sunninghill Hospital to have blood drawn and was locked up at Midrand police station for alleged drunken and reckless driving.

“Unfortunately the man didn’t make it, he passed away just before 4am,” said Minnaar.