Serial murderer and rapist Thapelo Motseki in the high court sitting in Palm Ridge.

As a serial killer and r*pist descended to the cells beneath the Palm Ridge court, he told the sister of one of his victims:”I’ll come get you”.

Thapelo Motseki was convicted three months ago by the high court sitting in Palm Ridge for the murder of three teenagers and a woman, and the r*pe of three of them.

Thembelihle Dlamini, his final victim, was just 16 years old when she was kidnapped in Doornkop in May 2014, r*ped in an empty yard and strangled.

By continuing to deny his crimes, Motseki had shown a lack of remorse and empathy that meant he was likely never to be rehabilitated, according to Myburgh.

“Serial murderers cannot be rehabilitated and will commit similar crimes again if ever released from prison,” the expert wrote.

For Thandeka, Motseki spending the rest of his life behind bars would be essential, as she claims he has threatened her before.

“He needs a life sentence. I don’t want another family to go through what we’ve gone through,” she said.

But the 29-year-old sister was not the only one on the receiving end of Motseki’s threats on Monday.

He shouted at his former girlfriend, who had testified against him.”I’m coming back in six months. I’m going to come out. he told her.


The court was filled with relatives of the women Motseki had killed, with a series of victim-impact statements written by some of them submitted to the court in aggravation of sentence.

It will be up to Judge Teffo to decide on Tuesday morning if she will deviate from the minimum sentences Motseki faces for his crimes.