The Death Bend, situated on the N12 highway heading out of Lenasia is notorious for motor vehicle accidents that have claimed the lives of many -as the name suggests, however, for a committed team of paramedics traveling on this very bend on 4th September at approximately 17:00, it was unexpectedly quite the opposite.

Saaberie Chishty Ambulance was called out by a concerned resident of Lenasia who had seen a pregnant woman lying in complete distress on the corners of Gemsbok and Anemone streets, extension 1. English isn’t her native language thus it was difficult but not impossible to converse with her.

After assessing her condition, the decision was made to transport her to Baragwanath Hospital where she would safely deliver her baby – or so it was thought until the baby proved his impatience to meet his mother, compelling medics to pull over on the ‘Death Bend’, providing this fatal bend with a whole new meaning.

Moosa Amanjee (volunteer for SCA pictured below) was overwhelmed at his first delivery. “Next to saving a life, one of the most amazing experiences I have had thus far is bringing a life into this world” he said. “I was fortunate to be backed by a phenomenal team, including an Intermediate Life Support Paramedic, Aboo Baker Ebrahim who ensured success of the procedure” he gleefully added.

Amanjee also expressed his gratefulness for being granted the amazing opportunity of being a part of this wonderful team. Both mother and baby were taken to Baragwanath Hospital and stabilized, as initially planned and medics are proud to state that they’re safe, sound and healthy.

While majority of us shrug at the sight of a screeching ambulance gaping it’s way though traffic, little do we know about the mind blowing happenings taking place at the back of the emergency vehicle, needless to note the amount of flaring emotions burning from within a paramedic. So, next time you hear ‘Death Bend’, think again. Think ‘Life’. Think ‘Team SCA’

By Faheema Sahib