Check out how man’s bulletproof teeth saved him from shooting.

Check out how man’s bulletproof teeth saved him from shooting.

Gregory Willemse who was shot three times last Sunday by unidentified gunmen but was saved by his “bulletproof” teeths.

Luck was on Gregory Willemse side as he  literally felt the cold hands of death but was fortunate enough to escape its grasp.

He managed to spit out the bullet that nearly killed him, along with the three “bulletproof” teeth that saved his life.

Willemse’s girlfriend Luzanne Pieters, 24, said they were sitting outside their home in Leeubekkie Street in Blompark, Gansbaai, on Sunday afternoon when two men entered the yard.

“They didn’t talk, then one just pulled out a gun and started shooting,” said Pieters.

When the bullets started flying, she ran for cover, it was only then that she looked back in fear and saw that her boyfriend had been hit and he was on the floor.

“I thought he was dead. When I went closer I lifted up his head and he spat out blood,” said Pieters.

“He told me he spat out the bullet and it was lying on his pants. If it weren’t for his teethes, he would have been dead.”

She added that the shooter aimed for Willemse’s brain but hit him in the jaw instead because he threw back his head when he saw the gunman taking aim.

His jaw was broken in two places from the impact of the shot and he lost three teeths.

“His neck was also hurt,” added Pieters.

Willemse was rushed to Tygerberg Hospital where he will  undergo an operation to fix his broken jaw.

The intentions behind the shooting is still not known but Pieters suspects the men might have been looking for Willemse’s friend who was in a fight with them on Friday night at a local tavern.

Police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana said no arrests have been made yet.

“A case of attempted murder is under investigation,” said Rwexana.

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