There was a wild scare in Port Elizabeth, when a shivering old woman lost her mind and zoomed her car into a restaurant unexpectedly, causing chaos and panic in the area.

An elderly woman who had apparently confused the accelerator and the brakes on her car, crashed through a window of the Spur restaurant in Jeffrey’s Bay on Wednesday.

“We heard a car rev and the next moment there was a helluva noise – and a car in the restaurant’s play area,” André Olivier, the owner of J Bay’s Tampa Bay Spur, told Hinnewssa.

The Nissan Sentra ended up halfway through the massive window.

 The driver, who is in her 80s, got out of the car without any assistance.“The tannie was very shocked, but at least wasn’t hurt.

“And fortunately there was no one in the play area, otherwise it could have been disastrous,” said Olivier.

The car is an automatic and Olivier thinks she might have mistaken the accelerator for the brake.

Even though the parking lot next to the restaurant is fenced in, the car came in through the only gap, at the entrance.

“There is an opening which serves as entrance to the stoep and as things would have it, the car managed to get through,” said Olivier.

The costs of damage to the massive window, aircon, carpet and tiles still have to be determined, but Olivier says the fact that no one was injured is the most important.

Police spokesperson Captain Gerda Swart confirmed the incident and said no charges are being investigated.