73 year old William Ndlovu completed all the documents to register for his very own RDP, and then waited for the good news to arrive.

Weeks turned into months, and months turned into years and still he has not seen his RDP, even though he was told it was finished.

After waiting for 10 years,  William was told his RDP had been given to someone else, after records at the municipality submitted by Home Affairs indicated he was dead.

The old man from Newtown informal settlement in Middelburg, Mpumalanga,said his current councillor recently came to show him documents that stated he had died a long time ago.

Councillor Abraham Mahlangu said the madala didn’t get his house because he couldn’t be found.

Madala William had been living with his brother when he registered for an RDP house and he had used his brother’s stand number

Unfortunately, it was his brother who died.

“I went to investigate at the municipality about the madala’s house and found that he had been declared dead.

“I then discovered that it was his brother who died and not him.

“The house was given to someone else when he couldn’t be traced.”

Mahlangu said the madala has now been registered on a priority list for new houses being built.