A joyous pre-wedding gathering at a Durban home turned into a nightmare for a young couple ,friends and their family when they were attacked by a gang of five armed robbers in broad daylight.


Just a day before their wedding,  three gunmen barged into the Malvern home, while a fourth kept watch at the front of the house and a fifth at the back.



The thugs rough-handled the family, making them lie on the floor as they made off with the bride’s imitation jewelry, several cellphones and cash.


The couple still went and tied the knot despite the incident at a Christian ceremony the following day.The bride, an attorney spoke on anonymity.


“The fear doesn’t leave you”  she said.


She said she was now worried about her family’s safety as the robbers were not afraid to strike in broad daylight.


Her uncle, Lawrence Naidoo, said the robbery lasted about 15 minutes.


“I was offloading vegetables from my bakkie to cook for the meals, when my brother-in-law (the bride’s father) arrived and went inside,” he said.


“A few minutes later, a light gold 4×4 drove up and parked at the front entrance, blocking the driveway gate. Three men jumped out and each one wore a cap. The fourth person, the driver, remained inside.


“They casually walked on to the property. The first walked past me and went towards the front door, and without knocking or announcing who he was, went inside. I followed him, and his accomplices in turn followed me.”


He said one of the two men, who was behind him, caught him by his collar and repeatedly demanded, “Where’s the money? Where’s the safe?”


“That’s when I realised there was a problem.”


Naidoo said the first man had grabbed the shoulder of his sister (the bride’s mother) and demanded to know the same from her.



The family were then pushed into the kitchen and forced to lie on the floor.The third suspect walked into the passage looking for the homeowner.The family’s cash and cellular phones were taken.The homeowner was then dragged to his bedroom where he handed over cash.



The father of the bride , who declined to be named, said families should hire armed security for functions.


Police spokeswoman Captain Nqobile Gwala said a case of house robbery was being investigated.