A 14 year old boy was shot 6 times by his stepfather . The boy was protecting his little 10 year old sister who was about to be raped by their father.

The little girl did not get hurt. All thanks to her brave teen older brother .

Their mom was at work when this happened .

Now this brave young little boy is fighting for his dear life , but doctors say he will not survive unless he gets an operation which is costly and his mom cannot pay for the surgery.

They family took to social media to ask for assistance. All Facebook companies have agreed to donate 45 cents for every time someone likes, comments, shares and posts this to their wall .

So , please share this on your wall so that together we can help raise money and save this boy’s life . Just type “get well soon” and click the *share* button…

The father is now in Police custody. He pleaded to be under the influence of alcohol. Angry mob that gathered outside his house wanted to burn him alive but the police got there on time.

He will appear in court next week to answer for his actions.

This happened in Lagos, Nigeria.

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