Working as a wonderful anti inflammatory agent for arthritis, aches and pains, backache and joint pains in particular as well as an alkaline working to alkalize the body, preventing cardiovascular diseases and even cancer, potatoes grow all over the world and is enjoyed by everyone, whether it’s chips, crisps, salad or wedges but when made into a fresh juice, potatoes contain over ten surprising health benefits which include the prevention of calcium stone formation in the urinary tract. Potato Juice works wonders for gout, flushing out the uric acid from ones body.

Want to flush out your gall bladder? Give potato juice a try! It’s been used in Japan and other countries to successfully treat hepatitis while it’s been titled ‘the miracle food’ for the GI tract. For those suffering irritable acne and eczema conditions, it might just be time to ditch those costly chemicals. Filled with vitamins A, B, C, phosphorous, calcium, potassium, fibre and protein, potato juice has been used to treat tumors.

Purple potatoes contains a high content of anthocyanin’s, stopping the growth of cancer cells. It has been proven that this drink works well for pancreatitis and kidney diseases, including high protein values on clinical lab tests. Furthermore, it works well for diabetics and high blood pressure patients.

Now, the point a lot of us have been waiting for:

Potato juice works as an inexpensive detox drink, thus assisting the weight loss process. Simply drink one cup of the juice in the morning prior to your first meal, and one cup 2-3 hours before retiring to bed. Remember to add honey or other sweeteners as raw potato juice doesn’t necessarily have the best of tastes.

“You’re a couch potato”   “You’re a potato head”

Why are we always degrading the potato? Little do we know that it’s a miracle food in every kitchen!