Normally we kiss our loved ones to show affection and how much we love them.

But have we actually taken time to take a look at the cons of kiss? If not then you must finish reading this before you take a move.

Kissing can cause the following health problems :

7. Bad Breath.

For those with a smelling mouth, kissing them could transmit that.

6. Common cold and cough.

The most popular health issue through a kiss is common cold and cough. This is transmitted through saliva and weakness too. So be careful.

5. Sore Throat.

The disease develops through a direct connection with an infected person. It’s a contagious disease so do take care while kissing if you have a sore throat don’t kiss until you heal.

4. Cold sore.

Swelling lip and festering ulceration are the symptoms of a cold sore. It has no cure, the herpes virus is the main reason for cold sore. Please stay away from your partner until they’ve healed.

3. Hepatitis B

Though it grows through blood but in case if any cut in the mouth can transfer the virus from one body to another. Be careful.

2. Warts

Warts are caused by HVP. HVP are tiny tumors this virus can cause cancer in the mouth.

1. Hand and feet diseases.

Spread mostly through feces, it occur when your hands have fecal bacteria on them. Most people like to put their hands on your lips during kissing.