Once upon a time in this very land, “apples” and “blackberries” were the names of fruits while “tweet” was the sound made by a bird. All “documents”, “folders” and “files” were placed in a steel cabinet and accessed during office hours. “Eye pads” were found in the first aid kit and the only thing “online” was the laundry. “Post” was actual envelopes found at the post office if not delivered to your door by a postman and applications were pieces of paper containing your particulars.

Then one glorious day, ever changing technology miraculously met earth and it became a digital world in which we are, today, inevitably compelled to live in.

With the invention of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, BBM, Whatsapp and Skype, there’s no longer a need for payphones or passenger pigeons! Technology has enabled us to stay in touch with loved ones abroad and even allow us to meet new people.

Apart from a means of communication, it has proved to be advantageous to businesses, replacing cheque books and long queues with easy to use EFT facilities and online banking.

While many of the older generations think dazzling technology is destroying us, according to a recent article published by The Business Insider, research shows that by the year of 2025, diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes and cancer will be detected and prevented from its earliest stages thanks to doctors of the next generation having a better understanding and advanced treatments. Packaging will be made of cellulose materials which are biodegradable, resulting in a healthier environment. From High Definition (HD) televisions to Ultra High Definition (UHD), 2017 depicts an amazing invention – Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) TV’s. Telsa is already making a splash, but by 2025, electric vehicles will take over. Their batteries will be able to last longer, enabling us to travel long distances with much more convenience and airplanes will adopt the technology too, totally changing the way we travel.


On that note, here’s wishing our famous favourite Google a very happy 18th birthday! Our lives without you is indeed incomplete!