Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Brad and Angelina are really through.


Their love could be seen in every picture splashed across social media even prior to their wedding in August 2014. The couple’s romance began in 2003 before celebrating their love by getting engaged in November 2012 not because of rushing things but rather after reportedly “getting a lot of heat from the kids” in a January 2012 interview.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have sent shock waves with their recently filed divorce minutes before the courts could close on Monday, 14 September, marking the end of Hollywood’s highest profile marriages  following allegations that Brad is a ‘bad dad’ with anger management issues exacerbated by a love for weed and alcohol in addition to ‘bad parenting’, and an affair, leaving Brad a in a weepy mess and Angie’s family in agony. She openly accused Pitt of being verbally abusive after an argument with their 15 year old son Maddox during a recent flight.

Reports state that with her huge heart filled with love and compassion, Angelina’s primary focus remains on the emotional well being of her children while she fights the battle for sole custody of their six offspring. Furthermore, the six is out of Brad’s reach since she’s blocked his mobile number, proving calls and texts messages futile. Jolie strongly believes that she is doing what’s best for her kids while other reports state Brad’s disapproval of his wife’s plans to journey to the war stricken country of Syria with the kids. he has, apparently, always supported her charity work but tables turned when she intended involving their children. Also, he became increasingly upset with Jolie’s political ambitions.  Media surprisingly claims that they have come to know more about the couple in a week than they have over the past decade.

Trouble in heaven?

Oh yes. Just when you thought true love existed.