Charlotte Elizabeth “Lottie” Tomlinson- a name a lot of us are not as familiar with as we are with the Kardashians just yet but make no mistake – this 17 year old stylist and makeup artist is expected to be making waves in Hollywood as she has already done on social media with her passion for fashion and the beauty world.

Apart from amassing a following of over 2,5 million on Instagram alone, her viral hair trends generated enough work backstage at the recently hosted London Fashion Week in addition to a secured modelling job with London fashion brand, Lipsy.

Ms Tomlinson, born in 1998 and brought up in South Yorkshire, England is already stepping out of her brother’s shadow – famous One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson as she takes the limelight with her ice blonde hair and eccentric new trends in an all new Nail’s Inc campaign while designing her very own “Good as Gold” can spray on nail polish. The teenager accompanied the One Direction crew on the band’s ‘On the Road Again’ tour just six months ago and while her brother remains largely in the states, Lottie returns home to the UK. Selena Gomez, their mutual friend has gone on to extending personal invites to Lottie!

Always thought models and stylist are extroverts? Think again!

“I’ll have to meet people and make friends. That’s the hardest part” Lottie stated in a recent interview with Elle Magazine when chatting about her future ventures.

Shooting for the stars and grabbing every opportunity with both hands, this girl can truly serve a great deal of inspiration to South African youth as she carves her career at the early age of seventeen – the same time in which many teens are taking a gap year. Embrace who you are, love yourself, use the talents you’re born with, set goals and strike targets – your future too can be paved with opportunities abound.