South African music goddess Zahara (Bulewa Mkutukane) has canceled her much expected wedding, to the utter dismay of her numerous fans.

Zahara confirmed her engagement to Umhlobo Wenene DJ Amaza Ntshanga‚ whom she has been dating for over four years‚ in mid-2016.

Although the songstress tried  keeping details about her upcoming nuptials out of the public eye, she however confirmed that the wedding has been put on hold for “various reasons.”

She explained that much to her fiancé’s disappointment‚ her busy schedule and plans for the year have forced her to slow down on her wedding preparations.

“I would rather plan my own wedding because I think I know what I want and what I love. But with everything else that is going on — like my performances and working on my album — I may need to get a wedding planner even though I really would not prefer that‚” Zahara said.

The singer estimated that the white wedding might only take place around August and has revealed that Top Billing has offered to help her because they want to cover it.

“Obviously my fiancé is not happy about the delay‚ but he understands‚” the singer assured us.

This doesn’t mean that it’s off for good though. Until Zahara’s schedule can be managed‚ she’s hoping that she’ll be able to keep to the August date.