Controversial businessman and socialite Kenny Kunene had fans in a frenzy when he showed off a picture of himself searching for cattle in the Free State.

Shortly after Kenny shared the picture on Instagram‚ his followers instantly assumed that the former Sushi King was taking his relationship to the next level.

Taking to the social media platform Kenny revealed that he and his girlfriend went in search for the perfect cattle.

“Braving the cold with my Rib at the farm to choose the one…well looked after cattle‚” he said.

But relax guys. Kenny wasn’t busy with lobola negotiations.

“Every year in August I come home to the Free State‚ where I pray and slaughter a cow for the ancestors‚ which is then fed to friends and family‚” he told TMG Entertainment.

Kenny added that he deliberately left the details vague as he knew that people would naturally assume it was lobola negotiations.

“Don’t worry when the lobola negotiations are set to take place everyone will know‚” said Kenny.

Earlier this year Kenny made headlines after he came out guns blazing at the growing blesser trend in South Africa. The socialite told TMG Entertainment at the time that falling in love with his current girlfriend had changed his views on the lifestyle.

Kenny also revealed that South Africa can expect the wedding of the decade by the end of the year.