Touch‚ who recently started his own company as co-founder of  Touch Central a radio station‚ with Gareth Cliff says he has made lots of  mistakes financially.

“With my first big cheque I bought a TT (Audi TT) I went and said I’m tired of a TT and I wanted a different car.”

“I was renting. I realised that my car is more expensive than the house that I’m living in. In 2008 when I was told that I was out  I went straight to Dainfern where I bought a property.”

While speaking with Anele, he also revealed that his biggest fear was failure.

Touch also told Anele that his biggest fear is failure and he isn’t shy to pray for money. He admited the help of Metro FM in shaping his career.

“Metro FM enabled me to expand my horizons but I needed to move on.”

“The Touch Down was untouchable. The numbers don’t lie.”