Anele Mdoda grilled TV personality, Robert Marawa, about the special lady in his life on her talk show, Real Talk. And Here’s what he had to say!

Even though Robert and Pearl Thusi have been trying to keep their relationship pretty much out of the spotlight, their romance is pretty much an open secret. We even conducted our own investigation and this is what we found out.

So after getting the formalities out of the way, you know, chatting about his career, his family and most memorable moments. Anele shifted questions to “his lady”.

Robert “played dumb” for a little and then Anele revealed that Robert’s “lady” told her that “one of her fingers are officially occupied.” She went on to say that she overheard that Robert proposed in a restaurant, that it was very sweet and that she’s (bae) happy.

“I’m sure she wasn’t lying because the evidence is there and I’m sure she showed you the evidence,” Robert replied.


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