16. Using sex as a weapon of punishment when he errs or as a tool to get money from him.
15. Allowing maids to cook for him, serve him and make his bed.
14. Employing a fully grown maid to help you at home.
13. Invading his cell phone and e-mails.
12. Telling your friend how good your husband is in bed.
11. Leaving your sister or girl friend with your husband alone and travel for days.
10. Getting into a fight with females you see with your husband.
9. Demanding for money, clothes, shoes, jewelry , vacation trips that you know your husband cannot afford
8. Always fighting your husband.
7. Chasing your husband’s siblings away from him.
6. Keeping in touch with your EX.
5. Always eating out; not cooking at home.
4. Leaving yourself unkempt after marriage – leaving your hair unkempt , not bathing, having mouth odour or dressing shabbily.
3. Embarrassing your husband in public.
2. Nagging .
1. Not willing to manage – Wasting food, money and recourses.

Please avoid scaring your man away.