Basic Education Minister of the country, Angie Motshekga has warned teachers who are facing sexual abuse cases that they will face the chop.

The South African Council for Educators has issued reports of many teachers facing misconduct charges including raping and sexually abusing learners.

The gazette states that the regulations are to “regulate the period of prevention of re-employment of former educators dismissed or deemed dismissed for misconduct or deemed resigned”.

The regulations also outline the procedure to rehire some of the teachers.

Motshekga further said those who had been found guilty of sexual abuse cases would not be taken back by the department.

Any teacher who is found guilty of “committing an act of sexual assault on a learner, student or other employees or having a sexual relationship with a learner of the school” will be shown the door and not rehired.

Teachers who are found guilty of being in possession of drugs will also be fired.