A  South African student, accused of lesbianism was roundly expelled from high school.

The victim Nokwazi Shelembe who hails from Richmond village, Kwazulu- Natal Midlands, was shown the way out from Ndala High School, for not putting on skirt.

Shelembe revealed that “The school principal said i must go home and wear a skirt since i was a girl. I told him i could not wear a skirt because i have never worn one in my life”. The pupil, in her view feels her expulsion is because she is homophobia.

A further interaction with the provincial Education department spokesman mr Kwazi Mthethwa, noted that ” As a department, we are going to order the Principal to take back the pupil. We condemn and won’t tolerate any discrimination or any sort of abuse against LGBTI  students in schools”.

Similarly, it was gathered that two gay boys were kicked out of public college, according to Gays and Lesbians Director Anthony Waldhavfem yesterday. He further noted that:

“We are not going to sit down, while our people are being abused for their gender status” he stated.

” Teachers and school officials are often behind this abuse. Government has a long way to go to resolve this issue. because it’s happening i many schools across the country”.