While fights to unseat the 92-year-old president Robert Mugabe intensifies, latest report has it that a student identified as Advance Musoki was fined by court for demanding a job from the President.

The Zimbabwean student activist, Musoki reportedly asked President Mugabe for a job during a graduation ceremony last week at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST)

He was arrested last Friday for “raising a placard as students fight for their future, amidst surge of unemployment opportunities.

Musoki was charged at the Bulawayo magistrates court on where he pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal nuisance in contravention of section 46 of the criminal law.

He was further sentenced to two weeks behind bars or pay a R700 fine.

This happens as the country battles with increasing economic challenges coupled with high unemployment rate.

The economy of Zimbabwe shrank significantly after 2000, resulting in a desperate situation for the country – widespread poverty and and a 95% unemployment rate.

Zimbabwe has one of Africa’s highest literacy rates at over 90%. The population is usually known to be better educated than Average Africans, making the people one of the greatest assets of the country. But with the rise of economic challenges, followed by low employment, these achievements has gone down the drain.

A statistic portal puts  Zimbabwe as the country with the highest unemployment rate in the world with at the country’s unemployment rate reaching 95%.

Meanwhile, Musoki’s lawyer, Mehluli Dube pleaded for leniency from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR). He said his client was unemployed and had no savings in his bank account.

“Your worship, the offender is unemployed and has no savings in the bank. He did not waste the courts time in denying the charge,” Dube was quoted as saying.