“IGBO TRADITION!!! This is Barbaric!” was the cry of a woman who is allegedly being forced by her in-laws to carry out some sort of Igbo tradition on her 2-year-old son.

Igbo people are an ethnic group of Southeastern Nigeria. There are approximately 24 million Igbos, who live mostly in Nigeria.

When a child refuses to walk after about two years from birth, the child will be put in an empty hole.

Though they don’t cover the hole to the neck but above the shoulders.

”This is normal in Igbo land during the olden days. If a child is due to walk but not yet walking for any reason at all, the parents of the child will dig a shallow hole, place the child inside and cover the hole with “light” sand and not the heavy one dug from the hole.

It will prompt the child to start making efforts to climb out and in the process the child will walk for the first time.

After this process and the child still doesn’t walk, the attention of the local physicians will be summoned or the child will be taking to a spiritualist.

There is nothing barbaric about this please and it still exists in some of the rural areas in our Land.

For some of you who will doubt this, ask the elderly people around Igbo land about it with the picture attached to this post.

There is nothing wrong with it, it’s a local medical process.

We are very innovative in thinking and we are great people…” said an Igbo elderly man.

Facebook Igbo group known as Igbo Village posted:


#IGBOandPROUD!!! the group called this tradition.

Favour Chukwudum a facebook user in the group said:

”I have seen where it happened. She was two years but unable to walk and her granny gave her this kind of treatment for two day and from that day she is walking. That was my first time of seeing such”.

Uzor Emmanuel said:

”I’m surprised the way some of you react to issues without making any effort to investigate. Who told u this is not practised anywhere in Igboland? Why can’t you speak for your own village alone? If u’re saying you don’t like it, it would’ve been understandable,” he stated.

Chukwuebuka Chukwuemeka Cdysame wrote:

”This is a medicinal solution to help a child who is not crippled but finds it difficult to walk at the due time to walk! So the child is actually being helped in the actual sense.

Biko (please) there us nothing barbaric about this.”

Chisom Aga Ebenile stated:

”This is a normal thing done to make a child walk. It doesn’t cause any injury to the child at all.  A child that could not walk two years after birth has a serious problem and the only method known to the people in that era to correct any possible malfunctions is this.”

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